36" by 48" Canvases by David Brookton
Sharpie & Watercolor. Completed 2017.

David Brookton's Sharpie Scuplture Studies

Sculpture Studies.
Completed in Sharpie.

This was my first wave of inspiration on canvas. I decided on 36″ x 48″ canvases to explore scale. I immediately fell in love with this series and the poetry between the lines. It stems from insights I gained in Ancient Greek art & archeology studies before completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Colorado Boulder.

I’m fascinated by Ancient Greece. A city, at one point, defined by olympics, gods, goddesses and affinity for the male form. The life expectancy of 28 years gives perspective to my troubles. These busts allowed me to converse with sorrows. These figures are ancient, long passed subjects. I weave the contours of these sculptures into bold sharpie strokes to distract from antiquity.

All of these pieces are available for customization and commission. They can scale the size of buildings and can be painted on almost every media. I encourage you to contact me to enquire.

Later works completed 2017.

See anything you like?

All works are available.

Each can be custom made on any canvas size.

You can also request custom color pallets.

Prints of this series are also available.

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