Installed on a 48 foot tall warehouse wall.
Mod Livin' RiNo. 2938 Larimer St.
Now on display through May 2018.

This series allowed me to explore the male form through the eyes of 17th century students at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. I’m was interested in the age of these subjects, yet the timeless figure and intimate pose. After sketching these so many times, I ended up doing one on a gold leaf panel. I enjoyed it for months and eventually decided to create a show out of it.

This show took about 5 months of work and planning. It took trial and error and a whole lot of power tools. I made 6 frames, hated them, so remade these frames the pieces are built into now. I can’t explain how proud I am of these frames alone. They’re so sturdy and probably my favorite color. I think they compliment the work so beautifully.

These pieces are show stoppers. They’re incredibly versatile and elevate the elegance of any space you put them in. They look incredibly iridescent under direct lighting and in low lighting in the evening. This is the only time I will be completing this series on gold panels. Each of these is a collectors item, completely one of a kind.

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